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Interior Detail
Interior Detailing/Valeting - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands

The cockpit of your vehicle is one of the most important aspects of your pride and joy, especially because this is where most of the time is spent and can generally get abused in the busy day to day basis. With this detail, we can spend time on making the interior a great place to be. We offer anything from steam cleaning the interior to leather treatment and protection to make sure that the cockpit is kept pristine as it would have been from the showroom.

Standard Luxury
£40 £120+

Wheel Refurbishment
Wheel Refurbishment - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands

The wheels and brakes are one of the main visual aspects of any car, scuffs/corrosion and just general wear and tear can not only let down the appearance of your pride and joy but also affect the resale value , that’s where we come in. Anything full refurbishments on your wheels, or even just repainting the wheel hubs can enhance the appearance of your vehicle and help with that immaculate showroom look.
With our wheel refurbishments all four wheels have tyres stripped, the wheels are acid dipped then shot blasted to remove all paint and corrosion, the wheels are then powder coated and/or wet coated with the required finish then baked at 200 degrees, tyres are then fitted and balanced. They are then given a coat of sealant leaving you with wheels with that showroom finish.

Up to 18″ 19″ 20″ 21″+
£350 £375 £400 £425+

Prices above include standard wheel protection, you can upgrade to Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour from just £40 for the best wheel protection on your freshly refurbished wheels.

Engine Bay Detail
Engine Detailing - ATD Detailing, Derby, East MidlandsThe Engine Bay is usually overlooked, mainly due to the fact it’s covered and rarely seen. Having the engine bay detailed not only makes it pleasant on the eye, but also makes it easier to spot potential engine/electrical faults such as leaks and electrical breakages. The process in this detail is to carefully remove oil, grease and dirt. This detail is not only perfect for the car enthusiast looking to show off the heart of their vehicle at car shows but also for those that take pride in their vehicle.

Engine Bay Detail

Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration - ATD Detailing, Derby, East MidlandsFaded headlights can not only let down the aesthetics of your pride and joy but can also affect the performance of the light output which can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. It is a common misconception that once headlights reach this stage they require replacing which can be very costly, however this is far from the truth. Most headlights can be corrected with the right procedures and techniques, we will examine the headlights and use these techniques to bring back the clarity in the headlights.

Single Headlight

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