Gtechniq are renowned for creating some of the best coatings available, using nano technology to form a sub-micron 100% clear film that is ultra durable from the elements, with superior water and dirt repellent properties. Coatings are available for paintwork, wheels, trims, glass, leather and fabric too. The prices below are bolt ons to any of our detailing packages, if you have any questions about the Gtechniq treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Gtechniq Bolt Ons

Gtechniq C1 Paint

Gtechniq Quartz Composite Lacquer forms a sub-micron 100% clear quartz film which is extremely hard, provides a durable, stain resistant surface that repels salt, oil, water and dirt. These characteristics are why C1 is unbeatable for long-term surface care since your car will require less washing as dirt, bugs and road tar is washed away very easily. This combined with the hardness of the coating all help to prevent premature paintwork dulling from micro scratches caused by frequent vigorous car washes to remove previously hard to remove surface contaminants.
C1 is independently proven to have the strongest UV filter of any paint protection product on the market and forms the strongest barrier against bird droppings.

Small Medium Large 4×4
£150 £165 £180 £200


Gtechniq Exo Hybrid Coating

Gtechniq Exo is one of the most popular coatings from the Gtechniq range. Exo is a paint coating that can protect virtually any surface from dirt, UV exposure and moisture permanently. The science behind Gtechniq Exo is that it contains and organic and inorganic element, forming a strong chemical bond giving superior water and dirt repellent properties, at the same time leaving a superior overall gloss. The properties of Exo mean that it compliments the C1 coating perfectly, increasing hydrophobic protection as well as leaving a a deeper gloss finish. We highly recommend this coating on top of C1 for the highest level of protection.

Small Medium Large 4×4
£60 £70 £80 £90


Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass

Gtechniq Clearvision Smart Glass is unlike most other rain repellent coatings that adhere to the surface of glass using relatively weak physical bonds, Gtechniq G1 uses a chemical bond which gives it unrivalled durability. G1’s excellent durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics make it ideal for car windscreens.
This glass protection can offer up to 30,000 miles of repellency from water, dirt, ice and other contaminations.

Small Medium Large 4×4
£50 £50 £50 £50


Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour

Independently proven to outlast other wheel coatings, Gtechniq Wheel Armour uses a unique chemical bond to become the function surface of your wheels making them dirt and brake dust repellent as well as being much easier to clean. Based on similar technology as the C1 paint protection, C5 is able to give you greater performance due to its unique and exceptionally fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain and containment resistant whilst the latter its durability.
A single coating can last up to one year, this protection treatment has two options, the first includes rim faces, the second option includes wheel removal so the whole wheel can be coated. Both services include decontamination, clay, polish and panel wipe prior to C5 application for best results.

Rim Faces Full Wheel
£80 £120


Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric

Unlike regular fabric coatings the nanoparticles of Gtechniq smart fabric coat the individual fibres of the fabric, thereby leaving the breathability and feel of the fabric unaffected. This means that stale air can still escape whilst repelling any water or oil based liquids. Smart Surface Science ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient giving a Gtechniq Smart Fabric treated surface better durability and overall performance than current generation fabric sealants.
I1 can be used to treat and fabric surface, whether its the interior to protect from coffee spills to convertible soft-tops from the outdoor elements, lasting as much as 3 years.

2 Seater 4/5 Seater 7 Seater Soft-top Roof
£50 £60 £70 £50


Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard

Gtechniq leather guard is ultra durable, stain resistant and offers significant abrasion resistance. it also prevents dye transfer onto pale leather, typically preventing blue jeans marking cream leather seating. Being solvent based L1 penetrates deep into the leather, with it being a true nano scale product it offers supreme durability and also adds water repellency to the surface of the leather.

2 Seater 4/5 Seater 7 Seater
£50 £60 £70


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