Porsche Macan S Enhancement Detail

Hey guys, time for another blog post. This time we’ve been working on Stuttgart’s take on a small sporty 4×4, this Porsche Macan S in Dark Blue Metallic! Our client contacted us in regards to his 6 month old Porsche, due to living out in the countryside the car was prone to harsh conditions which made it difficult for him to look after the car safely. We suggested Gtechniq coatings all round to give the car the best protection making the maintenance of the car as easy as possible and providing the best protection from the harsh environment using hydrophobic properties and chemical and abrasion resistance of the coatings.

After some email exchanges with the customer we decided to go for the full Gtechniq Protection Package. The customer had originally informed us that the paint was in very good condition, following this information we suggested an Enhancement Detail consisting of a single or two stage machine polish to get the best of the paintwork but advised the customer that we would need to inspect the paint to find out exactly what the car would need to get it up to the best standard possible before the coatings are applied. Upon arrival of the vehicle we found that the paint was looking far worse for wear. We definitely had our work cut out!

We started with a deep clean and thorough 3 stage decontamination to remove any bonded contamination. We found the car was covered in fallout which we assumed to be tree sap over the higher flat areas of the car. The lower areas had a tar build up around the arches and doors. The first stage of the decontamination was to remove the tar. For this we used Valet Pro Citrus Tar & Glue. We used Bilt Hamber Korrosol to remove the majority of the fallout. We followed up with a fine clay bar to remove any remaining contamination on the paint and glass and to leave the paintwork smooth to the touch.

Now it was time to get the car inside to inspect under lighting and see what we had to work with. We were shocked at the condition of the paint, the car had a tough first 6 months on the road!

Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-04 Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-05 Porsche Macan S Gtechniq Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands


We decided to give the car a multiple stage enhancement, some areas were corrected with two stages, the heavier marked panels were corrected with three stages. We managed to safely remove 80 – 90% of defects on the paint permanently, drastically improving the paintwork as you can see in the images below.

Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-02 Porsche Macan S Gtechniq Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands

Following the paint correction stage we inspected the paint while carrying out a full wipe down to remove any polishing oils using Gtechniq Panel Wipe to ensure the best surface for the coatings to bond to.

The paintwork on the car was protected with Gtechniq C1 and Gtechniq EXOv2 to give the best all round protection for the next few years, the wheels were coated in Gtechniq C5 giving protection of up to 12 months to make the car nice and easy to keep on top of, all of the glass was coated in Gtechniq  G1. We also treated all the plastics, for this we opted for Koch Chemie Nano Magic Plast Care to restore the black plastics and to protect them, with this being a fairly new product to us Dom from Shop’n’Shine along with Gaz from G.S Media were over again to put together another video, check it out at the bottom of the post! As well as the full exterior we also covered the interior, we treated the leathers, fabrics and plastics to the Gtechniq range.

Anyway, enough of the talking, here’s some pictures of the finished product! Let us know what you think and remember that if you would like any information on our packages visit our site at www.atd-detailing.co.uk or call 07885498381.

Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-12 Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-10 Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-08 Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-07 Porsche Macan S Gtechniq Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands Porsche-Macan-S-Enhancement_Detail-11 Porsche Macan S Gtechniq Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands
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High Resolution Pictures are available here: Flickr

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