BMW E30 M50 - ATD Detailing, Derby

BMW E30 Sleeper

Evening everyone. So today we had a pleasure of working on a beauty, this immaculately restored BMW E30. However it wasn’t your typical E30, this one is powered by a 2.8L M50 Engine out of the newer E36’s. The term wolf in sheep’s clothing is quite fitting with this one! The owner, Paul, got in touch with us after recently completing the build. Everything on the car was perfect bar the interior. It wasn’t the worst we had seen however it had picked up stains and a damp smell due to it being sat out of the car for approximately a year while the car was being restored and was stored in outdoor shelter.

Golf R Mk7 Gtechniq New Car Protection - ATD Detailing, Derby Detailing

Gtechniq C1 & EXOv2 14 months later

Hey guys, this week we had one of our regular customers drop his car off for a top up. We had originally detailed his Pearl White Golf R towards the start of last year with zero miles on the clock. The car was given the full Gtechniq protection detail, of which the paintwork sealed in Gtechniq C1 & EXOv2. Upon completion of the detail last year ourselves & Dom @ Shop’n’Shine advised our customer of the correct methods and products he’d need to look after his Golf R.

Porsche Boxster Paint Correction & Gtechniq Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby, East Midlands

2005 Porsche Boxster Paint Correction

Hey guys, sorry for delay but welcome to yet another of our blog posts! This time it’s on our customer Simon’s Porsche Boxster. He got in contact with us through a friend of his that had been following our Instagram page (don’t forget to follow us if you don’t already! ATD Detailing IG). We spent some time inspecting the car and talking through his options and to find out what he wanted as an end result, after an hour or so (of which 90% of the time was chatting about cars in general and other car enthusiast talk!) we settled on a Paint Enhancement Detail to restore the paint back to former glory, Gtechniq coatings to protect the paintwork and other surfaces and Wheel Refurbishment.

Ford Focus ST3 New Car Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby East Midlands

3 Month old Ford Focus ST3 Belated New Car Detail

Evening everyone, time for another update for you and this time we’re bringing you this Ford Focus ST Mk3 in my favourite colour, Stealth Grey! Our customer Adam contacted us in regards to his car as ever since he had bought it from new he was never entirely happy with the paintwork due to the flat grey paint looking dull and was covered in light swirling and scratches, most likely due to the Ford dealership preparing the car for him.

Audi A6 allroad Enhancement Detail - ATD Detailing, Derby East Midlands

Audi A6 Allroad Ultimate Dubs Prep

Hey everyone, time for another blog post! Here we have something different, a modified Audi A6 Allroad from our friends at Only Charged Dubs, specialists in performance parts and air ride installations for VW group vehicles. Matt from OCD contacted us as he had arranged a trade stand at one of the biggest indoor VAG shows in the UK, Ultimate Dubs and had his Audi A6 lined up to be showcased at the show along with various other cars to show off their work.

Porsche Macan S Enhancement Detail

Hey guys, time for another blog post. This time we’ve been working on Stuttgart’s take on a small sporty 4×4, this Porsche Macan S in Dark Blue Metallic! Our client contacted us in regards to his 6 month old Porsche, due to living out in the countryside the car was prone to harsh conditions which made it difficult for him to look after the car safely. 

Ford Mustang GT 2015 New Car Detail - ATD Detailing

Ford Mustang GT New Car Detail

Hey guys, welcome to our first blog post and what a car to start on, this 2015 Ford Mustang GT! The car was booked in with us in the summer when one of our regular customers had ordered this car, he was one of the first in the UK to place a deposit and on the waiting list for the first batch of new Mustangs to be built and shipped over from the U.S.

After much delay from Ford he finally had a delivery date, we left the customer strict instructions for the dealership to not touch the car as it was coming in for a New Car Preparation Detail and Gtechniq Protection.