Welcome to ATD Detailing
We are car care specialists based in the East Midlands, covering Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing specialist car care and detailing services from basic interior valeting through to meticulous detailing, such as paint enhancements, corrections and ceramic coatings.

Long working hours and busy schedules affect many people, preventing them from devoting attention to their daily or weekend vehicles that is required, that’s where we come in. Having a car professionally detailed not only makes your car stand out from the rest and helps protect them from the harmful everyday conditions, but also helps deter depreciation and can add value to your vehicle. When it comes to our detailing work, we treat every vehicle as if it was our own, ensuring time is taken to achieve the perfect finish, using only the best materials and products available giving exceptional results, with a finish and protection that can last years.

What is Detailing?
The term “Automotive Detailing” has been universally used in the USA for a long time, but is something that is not very well understood in the UK. Many companies tend to also use the term purely because they offer Valeting or Car Polishing from time to time, however, this tends to confuse the matter.
Vehicle Detailing is not something that is characterized by a single process such as a “quick mop” but is an expression that covers a wide range of skills and procedures using a variety of specialist products to achieve the best results possible.

What does Detailing involve?
Detailing involves the cleaning and restoring of a vehicle to reach the optimum “Showroom Shine”, sometimes even exceeding the original condition of the painted surfaces, wheels, tyres, windows or other visible surfaces. There are three main stages to Detailing, Cleaning, Preparation and Protection.
The process involves thoroughly cleaning the surfaces, using PH Neutral Pre-Washes and Shampoos to break down dirt, Two Bucket Wash Methods to prevent swirling, Tar, Tree Sap and other embedded contaminants using specialist products such as Detailing Clay. This process involves using a variety of tools such as Lambswool Mitts, Detailing Brushes and Plush Microfibre cloths.
The Vehicle is then thoroughly dried using Plush Drying towels and Warm Air Blowers to prevent swirls and followed up by carefully examining the painted surfaces under high intensity lighting and measuring the thickness of the clear coat with a Paint Depth Gauge. Multiple Stage Machine Polishing follows this using various top quality products to achieve the best possible finish.
The paintwork and other surfaces are then treated to a Protection Stage to help prevent further damage and make the vehicle a lot easier to maintain in the future. The Protection can range from top of the range Carnauba Wax’s for a high gloss finish to Glass Coatings to provide Highly Durable Gloss finishes that can last years. The Protection process is done in a temperature controlled environment for the best results.

Some of the services we can provide:
Free consultation/quotation service; Paint Protection Detailing; Paint Enhancement Detailing; Paint Corrections Detailing; New Car Detail; Show Car Detailing; High Durability Gtechniq coatings; Koch Chemie Nano sealants, Wheel Refurbishment; Brake Caliper/Hub Repainting; 24 hour CCTV and we are fully insured for peace of mind.